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  1. What is the Ketogenic Diet
  2. Suggestions Please...
  3. Aggression,Memory problems even Psychosis on this diet!
  4. Thoughts On Best Glucose Disposal Agents While On A Ketogenic Diet
  5. keto smeto
  6. Workout plan for Mon/Tues
  7. why not do lower monday and upper tues ?
  8. d-chiro-inositol or d-pinitol supplementation when reintroducing carbs?
  9. Looking for some help
  10. Yohimbe question
  11. Ketosis after refeed
  12. ketogenic diet and inflamation of organs
  13. Help? Please
  14. Sugar cravings?
  15. My CKD workout plan
  16. Maximizing Fat Oxidation
  17. Keto and sickness
  18. Targeted CKD for Fat Loss?
  19. Tired all day long from day 3-4
  20. Keto bulk + AAS
  21. Ketogenic Diet and Tennis
  22. new and old
  23. fat to carb conversion and calories
  24. Lyle, Keto updates?
  25. Lyle, 4 day CKD workout?
  26. Lyle, Targeted CKD?
  27. liver problems/keto diet/fat causing me to pass out.
  28. TKD and Refeeds?
  29. Ketones and Supplements
  30. "Protected Carbs"...yes or no?
  31. A keto bulk?
  32. Lyle, Post-Workout Protein and CKD
  33. Not hungry... (and other experience on Keto)
  34. Question to either Cut or Bulk?
  35. 14-Day CKD Depletion Workout/s
  36. Cyclical Ketogenic Diets and Endurance Performance
  37. Keto and how much protein can one get away with
  38. Ketogenic diets & Carbs
  39. Coffee and Caffeine
  40. Night-before Carb Load?
  41. Ways to limit Protein intake?
  42. Hello, few diet questions
  43. Low to zero carb intake.
  44. Trying to estimate maintenance
  45. Strength athletes and Ketogenic diets
  46. Nutrition Class
  47. The benefits of the ketogenic diet?
  48. Trying to figure out calories per day
  49. Diabetes, keto dieting, refeeds, and training.
  50. Glucometer and Ketogenic dieting
  51. I am at my wit's end, what the hell??! Blood Glucose meters suck!
  52. Is the Keto diet a good solution for me?
  53. hmmm confused?
  54. TKD - How until back in ketosis?
  55. New to keto :)
  56. Insulin Resistance and Low carb diet
  57. Can doing PSMF cause kidney stones?
  58. Water Balance Through Day
  59. Pre-Workout carbs on low-carb diet
  60. Body has some issues under paleo/low-carb approach
  61. Help me not legalize this to death.
  62. Acceptable Fat Sources
  63. keto for maintenance
  64. Your thoughts on adding a pwo shake
  65. Ketogenic Human Dynamo?
  66. Begin with "____" first?
  67. DNL & Calorie Surplus
  68. maltodextrin workout carbing
  69. dairy fat VS olive/plants fat VS meat fat
  70. Facial flush when in ketosis
  71. peanut butter
  72. Protein Confusion?
  73. Protein Confusion?
  74. Bromocriptine, deep ketosis and reward seeking behavior
  75. 6 month ketosis exit...HOW?
  76. Q re:14 day CKD
  77. Yohimbine and its mental issues
  78. Hypothetical Muscle Glycogen Storage Time
  79. Reached a Plateau
  80. How long does it take to fill up with water again?
  81. Ketoacidosis? Really??
  82. keto issues
  83. Varying Degrees of Ketosis
  84. alpha lipoic acid
  85. anyone seen this?
  86. TKD - Estimating carbs for strongman
  87. Does this count as ketogenic diet?
  88. Carboload monster headaches
  89. Fructose on TKD
  90. Help me get things sorted out - PLEASE!
  91. CKD Contest Peak Week!
  92. Working Out Maintenance
  93. KD and Cancer
  94. Saturated Fats and Anabolic Shifts within Contest-Week Carbups
  95. Rip Gave The Ketogenic Diet a Shout-Out
  96. Preworkout carbs for TKD -- insulinogenic or just fast?
  97. alcohol during carb-up
  98. CKD for Fat Loss
  99. First week CKD questions
  100. CKD: preparing for morning depletion and refeed
  101. diarrhea following keto?
  102. Palumbo diet to TKD cardio question
  103. (cutting) eggs before bed a good idea?
  104. 2 hours between fat meal and TKD pre-workout shake sufficiant?
  105. Does TKD really need refeeds?
  106. SKD Questions
  107. Macro Nutrient Calculator keto... New boy Question
  108. Need help with daily calories/meal ideas
  109. TKD question
  110. Keto Carb problem
  111. Ketogenic pyy and hunger hormones leads to VLCD?
  112. 'priming' a refeed 2/5 hours in advance?
  113. where is the fat burnt in caloric defecit?
  114. Moving from CKD to TKD
  115. No weightloss
  116. Putting things together
  117. Depletion Question
  118. Forum Rules: Read this First
  119. Phd student trying to bash Lyle/his book on BB.com Forums
  120. Nutrigenie controlled carb and ketogenic calculating software
  121. how much carb when bulking?
  122. Help with Adjusting Diet
  123. Reducing fat intake and maintaining fat adaptation
  124. Is this the right book for someone with PCOS?
  125. keto and losing noob gains
  126. Successful Low Carb Offseason Research.....
  127. Ending the CKD diet after 3 months
  128. Anabolic diet gain muscle mass?
  129. Carb up, feeling bad?
  130. In/out ketosis. Speed of ketosis questions
  131. Lyle's body opus experience
  132. Nausea after each meal
  133. Carb Rite (Low carb Protein Bars)
  134. Workout Nutrition on the CKD or SKD
  135. Pre-diabetic on Keto?
  136. Keto Foods
  137. Blood sugar levels while in ketosis
  138. Question about fat cells
  139. Glucose/Protein Requirements
  140. Carb intolerance from keto...
  141. Certain people take longer/shorter to adapt to keto?
  142. Magnesium citrate - you're a keto dieter's pal!
  143. Refeeds at higher bodyfat.
  144. Keto for those with Insulin and Leptin Resistance
  145. Newbie: Ketostix Results
  146. depletion/carb load
  147. Setting up TKD
  148. TKD refeed vs 100g/day continually
  149. depletion workout and carbs around the workout
  150. Am I dropping calorie too much?
  151. Help!!! Ketosis daily requirement?
  152. Setting up TKD for wife
  153. Is Ketosis suitable during/after broken bone recovery?
  154. Increased DOMS on keto?
  155. Worried about insulin resistance
  156. i fell off the wagon
  157. Insulin
  158. TKD Night Time Carb Ups
  159. My ketosis experience
  160. Pros of keto
  161. Tweak CKD for better fat loss?
  162. 150g Protein Min. 1st 3 Weeks
  163. Ketogenic diet and building muscle
  164. How long to Carb Deplete?
  165. Having trouble eating required Cal's
  166. Liver glycogen depletion = ketosis? other stuff
  167. Glycogen supercompensation on the CKD doubt
  168. Stall from the beginning?
  169. Ketogenic ratio/formula
  170. keto question
  171. Protein intake at 0.8g/lb or 1.5g/lb while on CKD?
  172. Basis of protein intake
  173. Mid-week carb spike
  174. Ketosis - Animals?
  175. CKD Leptin refeed low carb question !?
  176. Has anyone tried Keto + IF?
  177. Keto makes sister-B more muscly
  178. Carb-up confusion?
  179. Diabetes in family....efficacy of TKD or CKD?
  180. What about....CKD with peri-workout carbs or TKD with refeed?
  181. statins question.
  182. Does the 24 hr carb up start 5 hours prior to workout?
  183. Please evaluate my workout nutrition plan on a TKD
  184. My Diet - CKD Question
  185. TKD and incidental carb counts
  186. Ketogenic diet that maintains energy?
  187. how can you tell if your in ketosis or not?
  188. protein at .9grams per lb or 30-35%?
  189. Carb-Load two methods question
  190. A couple of doubts setting my CKD
  191. Milk for Pre Workout Carbs?
  192. Blood Sugar Question
  193. John Christy meets Lyle McDonald
  194. Ketogenic Diet/PSFD in a deployed military environment?
  195. Introduction and my diet situation
  196. Why not bulk with keto?
  197. Macros Help Cause I am impatient.... book still shipping.
  198. Possible Grammar Mistakes
  199. Some practical experiences please
  200. Body by Vi?
  201. TKD: Carb Load Freuquency
  202. Max amount of eggs daily while on keto
  203. please help not loosing weight after 4 weeks
  204. Question - Carb load on CKD
  205. Question about the Ketogenic Diet and Reactive Hypoglycemia
  206. Why does Lyle think Taubes is an Idiot?
  207. My collegiate keto diet NEED HELP
  208. German needs advice
  209. How much protein may I eat per day on keto?
  210. Confusion regarding Keto approach (after reading these threads)
  211. Some input on 1 month in Keto
  212. Questions regarding thermogenic use and metabolic slow down
  213. Check on a CKD setup.
  214. Sugarcane juice???
  215. Questions on the book and anyone else here for medical reasons?
  216. Constipation
  217. One weekend before competition!
  218. Keto Adaption or glycogen depleted?
  219. A quick look at my CKD set up...
  220. Newbie to Keto!
  221. Ketosis and DUI
  222. Should I change my lifting program for CKD?
  223. Ketogenic Diet Induction
  224. Has anybody here transitioned from Atkins to one of the diets in this book?
  225. Heart racing like a maniac...
  226. endurance athlete on CKD questions
  227. Ketogenic diet. Concerns of a Narcoleptic using stimulants.
  228. glycogen compensation
  229. CKD with PHAT
  230. New to Forum/ day 11 of Keto - HELP please
  231. New to TKD advice with post workout carbs
  232. Calories below maintenance on carb-load
  233. 'nutritional' Ketosis
  234. Other options to water?
  235. Ha Ha!
  236. Glucose Reading and Keto
  237. ketogenic or RFL
  238. CKDs and TKDs - combining elements of both?
  239. Ketosis urine test question
  240. Book/CKD question
  241. CKD and Weight Gain
  242. Body fat and macro ?
  243. Reduce cholesterol and fatty Plaques
  244. Good Post on Ketosis?
  245. Ketosis and sarcoplasmic hypertrophy
  246. TKD Success, but Insulin Issues?
  247. What is wrong with my CKD/carb-up?
  248. How To Efficiently Achieve And Sustain Ketosis?
  249. long term ketosis and high intensity sports
  250. Complexes for Glycogen Reduction on a CKD