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lylemcd 02-09-2008 05:10 PM

What is the Rapid Fat Loss Handbook
The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook has been completely updated for 2008 and comes bundled with the Beginner Home Exercise Program and an Online Calculator to set up the diet. The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook can be ordered as a hardcopy book or e-book, both come with digital downloads of the Exercise Handbook and Online Calculator. You can read more about them here.

The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook is an integrated approach of nutrition and exercise to drop fat and bodyweight rapidly in the safest way possible. By focusing only on the essential nutrients, and doing the right kind of weight training, you can drop fat and bodyweight rapidly.

This comes in handy when you only have a short time to generate huge changes. The Rapid Fat Loss Diet approach can also be used to kickstart a more moderate fat loss diet.

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Fireproof 02-15-2008 03:41 PM

What is PSMF?
Many folks may notice that questions or diet logs around the forums mention PSMF. So for those that are wondering what the heck they are talking about...

PSMF = Protein Sparing Modified Fast.

Lyle's Rapid Fat Loss book is a PSMF type approach. Of course Lyle tweaks it and optimizes it and has improved upon traditional PSMF diets in many ways, and covers much more dieting goodness.

But in some of the forum discussions, PSMF and Lyle's Rapid Fat Loss diet have been used somewhat interchangeably (right or wrong).

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