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tyler163 11-17-2016 07:10 AM

A study on fat metabolism
Hi. I read a study "regulation of endogenous fat and carbo metabolism in relation to excercise intenskty and duration"
Authors with a good method calculate lypoisis at 25 65 y 85 % of vo2max respectively and ffa oxidaion glucose oxidation and IMTc.
The results werr that like lyle states at 85 % (high intensity) lypoisis occur 5 minutes after excercise stop. But in the study at 85 % vo2max lypolisis is lower than at 65% both during excercise than 5 min after stop it. Fat oxidation is better at 65 % than 85 or 25. Catecholamins is the only things improve in 85 vo2max but for the authors this level of adrenal stinulation reduce peripherical lypolissi due to a2. Do you lyle had another paper ? This one is quite old


lylemcdonald 11-17-2016 07:53 AM

This is the classic paper and has been cited by just about every otherp aper in the field since it was done.

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