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starvation-headache 04-17-2017 12:48 AM

Two Day Refeed and 1 Free Meal Per Week Reasonable?
I've been a long time GTFD dieter because it was the book Lyle always said he wished more people would read. I think I would like to finally move into using refeeds now. Based on a few trial runs of 1-3 day refeeds that I've implimented so far, they really do make me feel so much better.

I'm a "category 1" dieter, (%10'ish bf) and "Category 1" activity level (high intensity lifting 2-3 times/week).

My question is; Is it reasonable for each of the 4-6 weeks in diet mode to have one free meal and then a 48 hour refeed?

(it just sounds too easy to actually work for fat loss. I freakin love refeeds)

Ambitius 04-17-2017 04:58 PM

In the end, the kcal-deficit counts, that's all.

So if you like so do it. Lots of people don't do refeeds at all ,instead eat higher calories on all days. Others do like refeeds, and higher deficits . It doesn't matter as long as the deficit is as it should be. There's no magic, in 2 refeeds and one free meal or 2 refeeds without one free meal. It's just the numbers END.

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