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lylemcd 08-12-2015 08:18 AM

Insulin Resistance and Fat Loss
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InsertCleverNameHere 08-12-2015 09:10 AM

Please yell at me if this is on the main site, but are there general guidelines or rules of thumb for figuring out whether one is overall insulin resistant or sensitive?

I'm sedentary and eat a high carb high fat diet, but my blood sugar is very stable. I'm obese, but I lose weight quickly when dieting and exercising. I'm thinking I'm one of the lucky ones.

lylemcd 08-12-2015 12:19 PM

It's on the main site

randyjr 08-14-2015 11:44 AM

I remember years ago when I would eat a ton of carbs in one sitting and about pass out. Now years later, I can do the same and the effect is not as strong. Not much has changed since, I still exercise and about the same weight.

Magumi 08-27-2015 07:29 AM

Excellent article, thank you very much. May I have an additional question?

My body responds very strongly and very fast to a high-carb/high protein meal, especially a couple of hours after a training session; instead of getting tired or sleepy, within 5-10 minutes from the meal my body temperature rises, I get very hot, occassionaly even almost to the point of passing out; it subsides somewhat over the next 20 minutes but the effect persists for about two to three hours overal. What does this response say about my insulin sensitive/secretion and my preferred diet?

I am in my early forties, train as an amateur olympic weightlifter, I have a fair amount of muscle mass and healthy amount of fat (12-15% depending on the training cycle).

funkord 11-10-2015 03:23 AM

I know this question is hard to answer, but here it goes: I am cutting down BF, and I love carbs, low-carb makes me depressed... However, I don't go crazy on them, especially because I am leaving free caloric space to allow for enough fats in my diet...
Carbs don't make me bloated nor sleepy, nor do I seem to have other signs of bad insulin sensitivity... I had blood work done recently, and my fasting blood glucose is 70 mg/dl, which is perfect according to the doctor... My thyroid is also functioning very well, with all the hormones in check... So I guess I tolerate carbs well and have normal insulin sensitivity... I lift 3 times a week, full body training heavy weights, and do 3-4 cardio sessions a week. My BF% is currently around 18-20%... My daily carb intake is hardly below 200 g, and I have a reefed mostly once a week with 500-600 g carbs.
However, I meet folks regularly who tell me that this many carbs will slow down my progress, and my BF would come off much more easily if I adhered to a lower carb diet... Also, everybody at my gym goes automatically low carb when cutting down... Also, low carb leaves me looking flat, depleted and just no pump at all.

I have read an article by Lyle saying that studies prove that people who are insulin sensitive can actually lose fat easier by lowering fats instead of carbs... I am left pretty confused... Any advice much appreciated.

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