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lylemcd 04-11-2008 01:41 PM

Insulin sensitivity and Fat Loss
Full article (originally published in some online magazine) is on the site

Click here

meeshathecat 04-18-2008 03:18 AM

Hi lyle, the article on insulin was very good but I have type one diabetes (child onset) The problems that I have with my diet are as such

Low carb high protien - I've done these diets intermittently when Ive had problems with raised blood sugar, unfortunately this means that I loose weight and Ive noticed that this comes primarily from my muscles at 5'7 119 pounds there's not much else that it can come off of - at my worst my weight dropped to 104 pounds and I felt like utter crap - what it does mean is better blood sugar results as less carbohydrate = less insulin running around in my system, obviously though its not sustainable and I can kiss goodbye to the gym as I have no energy

Balanced Diet eating moderate carbs - Can't get it right - even using GI and GL as guidlines for what kind of carohydrate I should be using = Massive swings in blood sugar, when my blood sugar is high I can't go to the gym cos its dangerous - when my bloods are too low its dangerous also. Also everytime they go to high I go into Diabetic Ketosis (not to be confused with Dietary Ketosis) Which again results in MASSIVE drops in weight. (Primarily in Muscle mass)

High Carb - forget it!!

I know its a balancing act and the thing is that I've just come out of a period of prolonged illness and am horrified that as a result of not running or being in the gym my BF% has gone from 20 to 30%. I'm so weak I can't work out for more than 20 mins at a time doing anything cos Im knackered, Having said that I am in the Gym every day except weekends as luckily its right next to my work (next door - woo hoo ) .

Here is a sample of my diet & Exercise Regime at the Moment

7.00am Green Tea and no Sugar Yoghurt
8.00am 20 mins in the pool (breast stroke at the moment but looking to get back to front crawl)
9.30 - 10.30 am Grapefruit, Slice of Gluten free bread with soy spread
13.00pm 20 mins on the cross trainer
14.00pm Squash Soup & pumpernickel bread with soya spread, Handfull of nuts
16.30.00pm Soya Yoghurt, pepermint tea, Half a flax seed bar, more nuts
19.00pm Salmon with dill sauce (home made) and steamed veggies. Fruit Salad

I also take the following supplements

Multi vit, Acidophilus with pectin, Enzyme Digest, Evening Primrose Oil, Zinc with copper, Glocosamine, Aloe Vera Juice

My vice is Caffeine - I will drink up to 6 cups a day if I'm really tired

I also drink too much water, if my bloods are too high or I'm in ketosis that can be up to 6 litres

Anyway - Im having a relatively ok patch at the moment and I need to get my muscle mass back up so I need to work smarter rather than harder - I don't care about putting weight on aslong as my BF come down

Any help and I'd be eternally greatful

Guerly 04-18-2008 03:39 AM

where's the food?
6 coffee's is not a good idea

meeshathecat 04-18-2008 03:57 AM

How do you mean where's the food?

Like I said caffene is a vice (im working on it)

Guerly 04-18-2008 04:18 AM

you not eating enough - to gain muscle.My brother has type 1 diabetes, so I know the condition well.

Your meals are not balanced -- I would be weak from eating like this.

Your meals are centred around these foods:
pumpernickel bread and squash soup
fruit salad
gluten free bread with soya spread
6 coffees

These are all carb foods, you can have them but try work them into a more balanced plan.

Are you lacto-veg?
Dude, you need to tighten up the diet. EAT EVERY THREE HOURS, some kind of protein in each meal

meal1: egg whites and veggies, oatmeal and berries
meal2: apple and almonds, or cottage cheese and berries and nuts
meal3: quinoa./brown rice/, sweet potatoe with fish/chicken/meat/ and add some avo, olive oil, or flax and pile on the veggies
meal4: Yogurt and whey shake, or nuts and yogurt
meal5: salmon with veg and lots of greens, you can add in some brown rice or quinoa.
meal6: cottage cheese and peanut butter (optional)

Do some weights, and dont worry about swimming in the pool or any cardio for that matter, maybe some walking, but keep your energy up with balanced meals, add in some good fats and whenever you eat carbs, eat them with some fat and protein.

There are some good studies with chromium, and Omega-3's - so supplement some fish oil.

Lyle will chime in,
hope this helps

Nigeepoo 04-18-2008 04:31 AM


Originally Posted by meeshathecat (Post 2336)
Hi lyle, the article on insulin was very good but I have type one diabetes (child onset) The problems that I have with my diet are as such

Low carb high protien - I've done these diets intermittently when Ive had problems with raised blood sugar, unfortunately this means that I loose weight

EDIT: At 30% body-fat, you need to lose weight.

Are you familiar with the following sites:-

Cheers, Nige.

meeshathecat 04-18-2008 04:47 AM

Thanks for the reply - on these low carb diets I lose cause I go into (dietary) ketosis and need next to no isulin and as a result - rapid weight drop. I don't want to lose weight I want to convert into muscle. And also to the guy above - thanks yeah, you're right there was not enough protien that day, normally Im quite good at balancing the carbs/ protien thing but that was a bad day. I'm not veggie or lactose intolerant and allthough it was too carb heavy all the carbs there were very low GL which Im sure you'll know is pretty essential for diabetes but yeah I can see where I'm going wrong on that particular day. I'm also a quinoa preacher - so much better for you than rice or pasta. Im just a bit lost just now cause I need the muscle Ive lost back to help me control my insulin intake

Guerly 04-18-2008 04:52 AM

You have to do weights and eat more. Simple.
Low GL carbs are all in the plan I outlined and they keep your energy up, balance blood sugar levels etc..
I would suggest you eat something like I wrote out, but work into your body weight x 16 in order to gain.
Also eat some beans, kidney beans, chickpeas, butter beans , legumes are great for diabetes...
Good Luck

meeshathecat 04-18-2008 07:16 AM

Yeah that does look like a really good diabetic day so much appreciation - but what do you mean by body weight x 16?. Im 5'7 and 119lbs but 30% bf thanks to a recent DKA

Guerly 04-18-2008 07:49 AM

yes, you could do 15-16 x body weight. Do weight training and maybe some steady state cardio, brisk walk etc.. follow the diet. Try it for two weeks, check your energy levels. Muscle needs to be fed, so you need to eat up.

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