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Liberty 11-13-2017 04:22 PM

All I Want For Christmas Is RFL By The Book
I've been around Lyle's forums for a long time, and I've started and quit a lot of RFL runs. More than anybody should be willing to admit. :p But I'm just not ready to give up my dream of one shining, perfect RFL diet from start to finish.

I probably should just get a hobby.

But in the meantime ... why not try again?

I'm going to be miserable and I'm going to whine a lot, but it would be really, really nice to finish dieting in 2017 and think about something else next year, like learning the mysteries of maintenance and working toward a serious fitness goal.

All the usual gory kickoff details (confession, I have a lot more fun planning RFL diets than doing them):

Weight: Start at 149.0 (~30% BF); gonna do six weeks or until I hit 134.0 (~24% BF), whichever comes first.

(Also, I only have one pair of jeans and they're tight, and I would like them to be loose. The more normal response would be to buy bigger jeans, but you guys feel me.)

Food: 130g protein per day, 1 free meal and 1 5-hr refeed per week. Sick days at maintenance calories are allowed if needed (but knock on wood, hope cold and flu season passes me by).

Exercise: RFL Beginner Gym Routine 3x per week, plus easy walking

Supps: The usual multivitamin and 6 fish oil pills, plus a cal/mag and Miralax (doctor's orders) and the occasional E to go with my coffee's C

Start Photo: (note, lady in bikini, possibly NSFW depending on where you work)

So here goes!

Liberty 11-13-2017 10:31 PM

Week 1, Day 1

Didn't feel hungry until 7pm, probably due to the astronomical quantity of Trader Joe's Peppermint Joe-Joes I ate last night. (They're sooooo good, though, holy crap. I'd almost be happy to go back to being fat if it meant eating them all the time. Almost.)

So food ended up being:
Sauerkraut smoothie (lemon juice and sauerkraut blended into a juice consistency; objectively gross yet I like it somehow)
3 scoops cinnamon bun flavored pp mixed with ff Greek yogurt
2 scoops chocolate pp made into a microwave brownie

1 round of shoulder PT exercises (very clicky today)
1x15 BW squats
1x15 table pushups
1x15 one-arm row with 15#DB
15 crunches
15 bird dogs
1 hour of easy walking

Anyway, off to a good start, but of course Day 1 is always the easiest. :)

davidjr74 11-14-2017 10:13 AM

I would suggest strategically scheduling free meals and re-feeds on the holidays! I would imagine RFL is tough through November & December; I even decided to go maintenance during this month for that reason alone.

Liberty 11-15-2017 12:05 AM

Yes, I'm not going to be short on opportunities to use my free meals! Although in some ways, having a strict diet to avoid holiday temptations is mentally easier than trying to eat moderately.

Week 1, Day 2

Long drive to visit my sister, but kiddo started barfing nonstop on the way back, so we're in a Super 8 for the night. Not the greatest evening but I've definitely had worse. All three kids are sleeping now and I am drinking diet root beer and watching that Leah Remini Scientology show.

Food: I was a little wary as I am an incorrigible road trip snacker. I made a big tub of chopped cabbage, shredded chicken, cilantro, and hot sauce, and munched on that. It worked well!

No exercise and no supplements, since those are at home.

Good night!

Liberty 11-16-2017 11:28 AM

Week 1, Day 3

Kiddo was feeling better in the morning but the toddler twins started barfing on the way home. At that point there was nothing for it but to drive straight through and hope for the best. :eek: Actually, it wasn't too bad, and in some ways it was nice having the morning off work (which has been rather stressful). Listened to a couple podcast interviews with Lyle. Really enjoyed the Muscle for Life one about women's training and dieting -- I learned a lot!

I'm also pretty proud that I didn't go off plan at all. Past me would have wanted to say, "I'm stressed, I'm not prepared, it's a special situation, I need to get some fast food." But it didn't even enter my mind as an option. I drank an ocean of diet soda, sucked on my e-cig, listened to the podcasts, and just got on with my day and ate some RFL compliant food once I got home. So even though I still need to gain a lot of chill when it comes to food, I can be proud of how much I've improved.

I don't know that I'll do the road trip cabbage snack again. It tasted good at the time but I was a total fart factory the next day.

- broccoli with hot sauce
- Szechuan (toban djan + black vinegar + mushroom soy sauce + sucralose) broccoli with "chicken" (TVP reconstituted with chicken broth. TVP is not a great RFL choice, a bit carby, but I have a big bag of it and I'm out of meat at the moment)
- a couple protein powder microwave brownies
Didn't hit my protein target but got a respectable 95g. I'll just throw another protein brownie in the mix tomorrow and it'll all average out.

Exercised at home:
2x10 bw squats
2x15 counter pushups (my foot slipped and I almost smashed my face :eek:)
2x15 one-arm rows with two gallons of milk
1x15 bird dogs
1x15 abdominal braces
And bonus adulting points because I used the rest intervals to start some laundry and vacuum the living room.

Liberty 11-16-2017 11:53 PM

Week 1, Day 4

I want it to be tomorrow so I can watch the new Punisher series on Netflix *whine whine*

I noticed in the mirror this morning that I have sagging skin on my butt. Not too surprising given my general tendency to loose skin and the amount of weight I gained on my backside while pregnant (seriously, it looked like I was carrying another kid back there) but it's a little disappointing. The more weight I lose, the more I find myself nitpicking my body.

Anyway, good day overall, though I crashed with exhaustion in the middle of the evening -- I think it's just been a long week already, coming into a busier-than-usual weekend.

AM weight: 145.0 (-4.0 overall / 11 lbs to goal)

Food was slim pickings, I desperately need to go grocery shopping:
- chicken broth with protein noodles
- sauerkraut smoothie
- vanilla nutmeg pp microwave cake
- microwave pp brownie
- slightly freezer burned mixed veggies
- Trader Joe's chili lime chicken burger on a weird protein-powder-and-egg-white "bun"

Exercise was a super easy 4 miles walking, plus shoulder PT (feeling good today).

Liberty 11-17-2017 09:47 PM

Week 1, Day 5

AM weight up from yesterday -- I think I'm just going to record low bounces as it gets too discouraging otherwise.

Woke up sick. Bleh. No wonder I felt so tired last night!

Ate at maintenance, mostly comfort food: coffee with cream, a cookie, two Chick Fil A sandwiches, a couple pp brownies, 2 tbsp peanut butter. 1900 calories, 135g protein, 130g carbs.

If I'm feeling well tomorrow I'll be back to RFL; if not, I'll take another day at maintenance and skip the refeed I was planning for Sunday. Whatever! Gotta roll with the punches. :)

Liberty 11-18-2017 11:38 PM

Week 1, Day 6

AM weight 144.0 (-5.0 overall)

Better today, aside from some stomach pains. Kiddos sick again though, and napped most of the day so they will probably literally be awake until 4am. Husband caught it too and spent the whole day in bed. :(

- green beans and chicken with ff cottage cheese and hot sauce
- protein powder shake

Looking forward to the refeed tomorrow :D

Liberty 11-20-2017 08:33 PM

Week 1, Day 7

I'm freaking Typhoid Mary this week. I brought the stomach flu from my house to my boss, and then took a fever going around the workplace back home. So youngest kiddo was down for the count all afternoon and I scrapped workout and housecleaning plans to cuddle with him. Poor wee one.

There was a chili cook-off at work and I couldn't participate beyond a couple spoonfuls of broth. I was in a pretty crabby mood by the time I got home. :o

Due to kiddo and work, I didn't get to eat anything all day until a couple hours before the refeed.

Coming into the refeed -- 5-hr, 300-carb limit -- I thought "I'm going to be done with this in about 15 minutes and still want more." Ha! Hubris. I ate one large bowl of cereal and was still stuffed and sleepy a few hours later. I managed to force in a few Peppermint Joe-Joe's just because I knew I'd feel all butthurt and mentally deprived if I didn't (since I'd been looking forward to them all week) but I was DONE. 175 carbs was more than enough.

Next time I'll start eating my RFL food earlier in the day and make sure it's all done before the refeed starts, so I'm not cramming so much in during one window.

- taste of chili broth
- chicken breast and ff cottage cheese on salad greens
- 2.5 cups Quaker Oat Squares cereal with 1 cup skim milk
- protein powder shake
- sauerkraut smoothie
- 5 cookies with 1 cup skim milk (I would have eaten fewer but I thought I was way shorter on carbs than I actually was -- I can't do math and eat at the same time, apparently)

Exercise: none, again

Determinism 11-21-2017 12:48 AM

So now we all know what to do to lose weight: get the flu.

Anyway, the flu probably suppresses hunger and by having it, you probably don't move as much (both NEAT and exercise). Therefore, you require less calories.

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