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PhysiologyIsPhun 04-30-2018 01:48 PM

Yohimbine on keto
Hey all,

As far as I'm aware, the presence of insulin in the bloodstream prevents yohimbine from inhibiting a2 receptors, practically rendering supplementation of yohimbine useless from a fat loss perspective. As such, it is only useful to use yohimbine when one is in a fasted state. I remember reading somewhere on the forums (or possibly in the stubborn fat protocol book) that insulin levels return to near - fasting levels 3-4 hours after an average "meal".

If one is on a ketogenic diet, would insulin levels return to fasted levels quicker after a meal than on a standard isocalorie diet, meaning using yohimbine maybe 1-2 hours after a meal would provide some benefit?

Actually, does a typical keto meal affect insulin levels much at all? Assuming you have around 30g protein or so at a meal, I'd think it would, but I'm curious as to how much it would raise insulin vs a standard isocalorie meal.

From a practical standpoint, I'm just wondering this because I always do my cardio after my lift which is performed after I get off work. Fasting until 7-8pm is just not feasible, and honestly I usually have a terrible lift unless I have some kind of meal an hour or so beforehand. I was thinking practically, I have a high fat/moderate protein meal around 4pm, lift around 5:30-6:30 and take yohimbine sometime during the lift so it's circulating in my bloodstream before I hit the LISS machine of choice afterward. Just wondering if the yohimbine is even useful at that point (would be about 2.5 hours after my last keto meal).


forsaken3400 04-30-2018 08:42 PM

Remember, protein does elicit an insulin response... often even more than a carb rich meal.

I've personally found yohimbine to still be effective 1-2 hours after eating... obviously it's most effective when fasted but a small meal and dosing yohimbine a couple hours after has worked for me.

squat 05-01-2018 03:29 AM

Well, it's basically only useful for stubborn bodyfat... And it doesn't make much difference, anyway, like most supplements. In most cases, you could lose the fat without it. It's basically for fasted cardio. I've found it gives me shakes and makes me feel awful. Some guys get boners?

insulin is always there. More glucose= more insulin. Carbs= more glucose= more insulin acutely. Protein= some conversion to carbohydrate at not a terrifyingly acute rate.

You know all this, don't you?

PhysiologyIsPhun 05-01-2018 07:49 AM

Anecdotally, I've found yohimbine seems to help substantially when combined with fasted cardio once I start to get close to that 10% range. Could be just because of the fasted cardio I suppose, but either way I definitely notice a pretty big difference. My problem is I have a really hard time fitting in morning fasted cardio with my current schedule. And a 4 hour mid-day fast is rather difficult as well considering I practice intermittent fasting to control calorie intake. Thats why I'm curious if yohimbine would still be effective using the way I described in the OP. I suppose if it's not, I can suck it up and start getting up at 5am to do my fasted cardio like a good little bodybuilder.

Oh and the boner thing. Yeah, that's definitely real.

BEATMEOUTTAME 05-29-2018 05:25 PM

I definitely think yohimbine is highly effective. Especially for me as a Mesomorph.

When I start getting into low body fat ranges my body just craves burning muscle as fuel. By popping yohimbine with caffeine in the morning, waiting about 45 mins then going for a quick 60-90 minute walk around the neighborhood I KNOW my body has mobilized fat and is using it as fuel instead.

I've seen the results personally. The difference is significant. And it's not just anecdotal either. Here's a study.

Saturated fats are harder to mobilize than the fish oils and stuff. You've got fat from fast food and pizzas buried in those fat cells and they do NOT WANT TO LET GO.

Make them let go. To burn fat you must first MOBILIZE fat. Yohimbine will mobilize the fat. It's up to you to then burn it.

As for OP's question I'm not the most qualified to answer. But I don't like that you're doing cardio immediately following your lifting. Just seems counterproductive. Why not do the cardio in the morning or on the off days? If that's not feasible you could always just cut the cardio...

Oh and the boners? I've been with girls who I've had on & off the Yohimbine. I'd say 75% of them noticed the difference. And I mean "noticed noticed". Like one time this girl's roomate asked me if I was taking something and if I could get her boyfriend some of it...

I call them "Lumber Liquidators". She Rips up the Carpet, You Lay Down the Wood

Twitchy 05-29-2018 05:44 PM

Unless your meal is large, waiting 90 minutes or more before taking yohimbine should be fine. If your sweating and your heart rate is up more than usual Yohimbine is usually working. I used to do a similar protocol a year back; I would eat my first meal at 11:00AM, take Yohimbine + EC Stack at 1:00PM, then start my workout right after.

Just be careful using it because some people have nasty side effects from it. I was lucky and somehow didn't get bad effects from stacking it with the EC and going straight into a workout.

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