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matias 04-30-2012 01:09 PM

Questions regarding thermogenic use and metabolic slow down
I've been doing the TKD for about 2 months (loving it) and I'm feeling I'm getting stuck on my current weight (I'm very near my goal right now). I know it gets harder and harder to lose weight as any fat loss program goes, but what if I feel my metabolism is getting too slow? Any recommendations?

I already use a thermogenic product, and this is pretty much my problem. I've been using thermogenics for like 3 months now, and I've used other many in the last year. I feel I'm getting too tolerant for this kind of stimulants.
I've used pretty much 1,3-dimethylamylamine + yohimbine + caffeine based products. I've hit ephedra many times but I don't really feel well while exercising with it, so I don't usually feel ok to keep using it daily basis.
Any ideas? Should I insist on ephedra maybe? Should I stop all kinds of stimulants for a while? Is it the only way?

I believe if I have to eat more to increase my metabolism + stop the use of all kinds of thermogenic, I'll probably put some weight. What do you think?

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