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yksin 07-16-2008 03:15 PM

Review of Stubborn Fat by Tom Venuto
Thought y'all might be interested to know that Tom Venuto posted part 1 of an interview w/ Lyle, along with an extremely positive review of Stubborn Fat Loss, at his Burn the Fat Inner Circle site (scroll down). Unfortunately, one must be a member to read either the interview or the review. But sometimes stuff like this shows up on Venuto's blog, so....



I can definitely give a "BUY" recommendation for his new Stubborn Fat book provided you keep in mind who it is for.
Good interview too. Including debunking (without mentioning any names) the ridiculous claim made by Craig Ballantyne in a June email newsletter that the book says women can get fatter from slow cardio. Haaahahaa. Here's what the emailing said:


And while I've never been one to believe that cardio can make you
fat, Lyle makes a great argument for how a womans thighs can
get FATTER due to slow cardio.

Why do your thighs get fatter from cardio?

Lyle writes, "women may be able to redistribute fat from their upper
to lower bodies"...and Lyle says that low-intensity morning cardio
could be the WORST thing a woman could do to lose thigh fat.

So if you find that your upper body gets skinny but your legs get
fatter when doing cardio, now you know why!
(That slight skewing of what Lyle actually said caused a bit of a stir at Venuto's site last month. But of course it's because Ballantyne is ideological about HIIT being superior to SS.)

-- Mel

Natalia 07-30-2008 12:21 AM


Originally Posted by yksin (Post 7431)
That slight skewing of what Lyle actually said
-- Mel

i'd say a bit more than slightly :)

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