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lylemcd 04-03-2011 04:21 PM

Apparently we need to have another little chat about language
Since, more apparently, folks are a touch unclear on what I ask for on this forum.

#1. The rules post is VERY clear about language. I'm still seeing plenty of people getting hit by the filter although there are a couple of oddities where it shouldn't activate.

#2. Far more importantly, I'm getting exceedingly fed up with people who think it's cute, amusing or whatever to sidestep the filter with variations on foul language using things like '1' to represent 'i' or what have you. Apparently the fact that the RULES POSTS states no foul language is to be used here is not clear enough for them to not get cute. At least one person has already been banned for this and more on the block.

BOTTOM LINE: I ask for foul language NOT to be used here. I am VERY aware that I have a bit of a reputation for using it but, pay attention, I don't do it here. And I ask for the same.

Simply, if you can't figure out how to express yourself without using tricks to get around the language filter, then you're going to get to figure out another forum to be a part of. Because if this nonsense doesn't stop RIGHT NOW, I'm not giving any more warnings.

This is very clear and very simple. Or rather it should be.

And keep in mind another rule in the RULES POST: complaining about how I Run things here is an automatic ban. Don't like my rules? That's fine. Go elsewhere. Complain about it in any shape or form and I'll make you go elsewhere by banning you.

lylemcd 05-03-2011 01:18 PM

Just bumping this since we appear to be having problems yet again. Look, the English language is wide and varied even for those who are not native speakers.

I'm quite sure that folks can come up with synonyms for their favorite curse words without having to resort to silly little games to get around the language filter.

And I will start banning people if this little issue doesn't clear up.

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