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mattymoose 04-05-2018 04:18 AM

Easiest and awesome fat free peanut butter
Ok so I have a peanut butter problem as in I can't get enough of it. I won't keep it in my house for too many reasons and this goes for pb2 as well. So this is what I've been doing on all of my carb loads....making protein pb and jelly (sugar free) sandwiches.

I take a half scoop of Dymatize Iso 100 peanut butter flavor and add just a tiny amount of water and one packet of splenda(not entirely necessary) and mix it up so it's the same consistency as pb...careful not to add too much water. This is a God send for me, it's pure protein and the taste is amazing. I use smuckers sugar free grape jelly and together this is so close to the real thing. I also do the same thing with Dymatize Iso 100 fudge brownie flavor and sugar free strawberry good!
One sandwich is about 30/15/1 c/p/f. Perfect numbers for pre and post workout on carbload days and perfect for on the go...I drive a truck all day so they're very convenient.

I've also made French toast sandwiches out of these and they're pretty awesome too.

Pb and celery for depletion days

Hope my fellow pb junkies enjoy!

One more day away til my CL😃

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