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davidjr74 06-12-2017 12:17 PM

Davidjr74 log

Back at it again. I learned a lot from my previous log. Unfortunately, near the end I hurt my back and it took me 2 weeks to feel recovered enough to continue dieting again. From the log I dropped from 190.0lbs to 182.0lbs at the lowest. I stopped dieting and saw my weight at 184.0lbs most days. Today I am at 188.8lbs this morning but I expect this to drop real fast initially after I drop the initial water/glycogen. As with my last log, I will be recording my weight after Sunday.

I have learned how to make wholesome foods (lentils, beans, lean meats, even started to eat fish) and how to be flexible in my eating attitudes. Sometimes I became a bit too flexible so this journal aims to be a bit more calculated but with flexibility built-in to the deficit.

With my low activity levels (office job), my TDEE is calculated at 2,245. I am aiming for a 750 calorie deficit per day to aim for 1.5 pounds per week. The medium deficit helps to account for any accidental over-estimating of calories so I can still progress on a weekly basis. I aim to make this journal a bit more interesting as I want to hit target weight loss each and every week and end up at 170.0lbs by the end of it (estimating this will take 12 to 14 weeks).

Calories: 1500 a day to create (-750) deficit
Protein: 120 grams protein (minimum at 0.8 per lb of lean body mass)
Fats/Carbs: I don't count these. I take some fish oil and make sure I hit my caloric limits and protein targets.

Week 0: 188.8lbs (actual)

davidjr74 06-13-2017 06:57 AM

Hit my calorie target yesterday. Woke up once a little hungry but was able to fall back asleep. Saw my weight drop to 186.6. It is always nice to see the initial weight loss from dieting. It always lasts for a couple of days, sometimes even a week.

davidjr74 06-14-2017 07:49 AM

Weight dropped to 185.6. Another pound for the initial weight loss. I was over calories yesterday (anywhere from was hard to gauge lunch) but I also worked out yesterday to offset. Today is my anniversary so I ate 3 eggs this morning and a banana, fish oils. That is 350 calories so that leaves me 1,150 calories when I go take my spouse out somewhere to eat tonight. Skipping lunch.

davidjr74 06-15-2017 07:15 AM

Ate quite a bit for my anniversary but a good chunk was meat and than yogurt for desert so very protein heavy but also ate Persian rice and bread (appetizers). Not sure where my calories landed. I know for sure I passed 1500 calories but I may still be below 2000 calories.

Regardless, I'm back in action today. I even saw my weight fall to 185.2 so that is a good sign I didn't go overboard or anything yesterday.

davidjr74 06-16-2017 08:48 AM

Weight dropped again down to 184.8 lbs. Target was met pretty easily yesterday since I didn't eat at work and got home and my spouse had chicken/veggies ready. I ate that...was still hungry so ate beans and rice. I knew my calories ended up somewhere around:

Nutrition bar - 190
can of beans - 350
cup of rice - 200
8 oz of chicken - 300
veggies - 100
some junk foods - 200
accounting for cooking oil in dinner - 100

So I was 1,440 calories yesterday even being very conservative. My junk food was a handfull of graham crackers and cheerios. Could use a bit more protein.

I'm already starting to see visual progress which is pretty easy in the first week. Without counting water weight, I have probably dropped almost a full pound of real fat.

davidjr74 06-18-2017 01:59 PM

Yesterday: 182.2 lbs woo!
Today: 183.8 lbs

davidjr74 06-19-2017 06:49 AM

Week 0: 188.8lbs
Week 1: 185.6lbs (-3.2lbs)

Crazy water weight dropping in this first week. I saw my weight drop as low as 182.2 lbs a few days ago. I'm recording the weights I weigh on Monday. Monday is always a good day to get "serious" and get back into routine. Weekends I tend to relax a bit. The past 2 days I didn't estimate my calories all that much. Saturday was a very heavy protein day and yesterday was a lot of legumes (which would explain the gain in food weight).

Yesterday was also a good workout:

5x20 push-ups
5x5 pull-ups
5x20 bodyweight squats
3 sprints
^all completed in a circuit.

I'm ready for week 2. Time to string together some consistency.

davidjr74 06-20-2017 12:39 PM

I was 185.6lbs again this morning. I did not diet well yesterday (did some stress eating unfortunately). On a positive note, I aim to make up for that today and will probably be eating somewhere between 1100-1300 calories. I have graduate school straight after work so I won't be home till night so I won't even have the time to eat anything - will get home and down a 2x serving protein shake before bed.

davidjr74 06-21-2017 07:41 AM

184.8 lbs this morning. Ate pretty low calories yesterday but since the bulk of my calories was at 12am; I can see how it is not reflected in the scale weight. Tomorrow morning I should be lower. Why I ate skittles this morning? I don't know my only sleeping for 3 hours brain thought it was a good idea but 200 calories in so far today; 1300 left for the today. Can fill that up with some ground beef later.

davidjr74 06-22-2017 09:16 AM

Looking to gain back consistency today. My diet reflects poorly when I miss out on sleep. Today is easy. 3 eggs in the morning, a greek yogurt for lunch, will eat some ground/beef and cheese with some veggies for dinner.

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