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RonelleB 05-02-2018 05:47 AM

Newbie needs help
Hi guys

I hope this is not a duplicate post as I have submitted a post here earlier but it seems that it did not post?

I need help please. I have read two of Lyle's books - UD2 and RFL and want to start UD2 soon. I am proficient in counting macros and IIFYM lifestyle etc but I am having a tough time to implement the numbers as stated in UD2 (perhaps a language issue). I also want to implement his variation on page 71: "This variant also applies to folks whose schedules require them to workout in the morning, making a Thursday night workout impractical. In this case, I suggest making Thursday a normal low-carbohydrate/low-calorie dieting day with cardio. The tension workout gets moved to Friday morning and the carb-load is scheduled for Friday to Saturday morning."

Is there anyone here that can help me to calculate the macro breakdown over the 7 day period considering the variation above? I have tried to find similar in the threads but could not. Even a spreadsheet with same would help as I can then learn how to do this going forward.

Some important info. I'm 5'9, weigh 209lbs with LBM of 157lbs. My maintenance cals (inclusive of exercise activity) is 3180 cals.

Please can anyone help or advise?

PhysiologyIsPhun 05-02-2018 09:09 AM

You shouldn't be doing this diet until you're at 15% body fat or (preferably) below. Trust me, you'll thank me later. Just do a normal deficit for now.

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