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Mahtivaltikka 01-02-2017 12:32 PM

Besides the PATCH are any other bp-meds worth it?
Hi all!
I'm not sure if this is the best place for this post, or if the supps section would be better..

Just bought the sfs and 1.1 patch and really loved them both.

To be brief the PATCH's need prescription at my corner of world, but my friends test&tren kinda solved the problem of getting that prescription for me.. :/
So in a couple of days I'll have doctors appointment to get my BP fixed.

So the question is are there any other bp meds that would be useful for cutting (or muscle growth)?
For example:
- angiotensin II blocker telmisartan seems to be ppar-delta agonist, which could be helpful.(think poor mans gw-501516)
- ace inhibitors seem, according to some studies, increase igf-1 concentrations and improve insulin sensitivity in skeletal muscle. They also might help with aging related muscle wasting according to some studies. Would this carry over to healthy athletes also?

Any feedback, experiences or opinions from anyone?

How about Lyle? Do you think that purposefully screwing with RAS for fatloss would be counterproductive, or simply just really bad idea?

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