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kdh344 07-18-2016 03:29 PM

Pg 28 of Stubborn Fat Solution..
..indicates the primary inactivator of HSL is insulin....even small increases in insulin (from pro or carbs) can deactivate HSL almost completely.

Then there's this:

"Our results show that insulin plus glucose-treated cells contain approximately 40% more HSL protein than control cells, in good agreement with the increase in maximally stimulated lipolysis..."

The above study was done in 1999 so has the research yielded different results?
Thanks in advance.

lylemcdonald 07-18-2016 04:18 PM

In the whole body, insulin decreases lipolysis.

Also, you do NOT get high insulin and high isoproteronol (a mimick of adrenaline) under normal conditions. This is a clamped infusion study in vitro. Not whole body.

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