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lylemcd 03-05-2008 11:42 AM
I generally don't make specific recommendations for company when it comes to supplements or, in this case protein powder. But there are sevearl that I personally use and questions about where to obtain the products do come up.

For bulk protein powder, there's no better choice than

Sarah and I both use their products exclusively for our protein powder needs and we've never gotten anything but a great product at a great price with amazing service. Orders typically ship the same day and often arrive within 2 days for us.

Each of their proteins can be purchased in any amount (in multiples of pounds) with a choice of flavorings (their free flavorings are not wonderful, the premium flavorrs are good and anybody with cash to spare should get the BSL flavors) and sweeteners (we use stevia). You can get the protein in a jug or a bulk bag. We get the bulk bag and decant them into other protein powder containers.

I use their whey protein concentrate (with stevia and their chocolate) and milk protein isolate, Sarah prefers vanilla. Being able to order any quantity allows us to both get what we want without having to buy a single product. You can also request a custom mix of proteins if you are so inclined.

In any case, anybody who wants to avoid paying overpriced commercial protein prices should check them out. They have recently given me a discount code as well, enter LYLE when prompted and you'll get 5% off each order. If you order over 16 lbs of protein, they will give you an additional 5% (prices go down with larger orders as well) off as well.

Oh yeah, they sell my Protein Book so they clearly have good taste. They also sell many other products including supplements and carbohydrate and fat powders. We haven't used those so I can't comment on them beyond noting that they are for sale if you want them.

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