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eustaquiosoliloquio 03-27-2016 09:06 PM

Ckd own scheme (blending w/UD 2.0)
Hi guys.

My own planning for ckd:
Monday: Power/tension workout after week-end refeed / Keto diet / Fasting cardio and/or post-wk or nothing
Tuesday: Depletion wk, 2/3 or full according to Thu and Sat / Keto diet / Cardio or not
Wednesday: Cardio or nothing / Keto diet
Thursday: Tension/Depletion wk according to your goals / Keto diet / Cardio or not
Friday: Cardio (best day to do it for stubborn fat) or nothing / Keto diet
Saturday: First thing in the morning Tension/Depletion wk with carbs and whey pre-trainning / Carb-up
Sunday: Cardio (maybe intervals if you need to do them) or nothing /carb up

Varying workouts and deficit or surplus may serve to cut/keto bulk/even to improve performance or make a recomposition (if possible).

What do you think? Thnx!

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