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LanceUmansky 05-18-2018 11:20 PM

I can not take in the required 1100-1200+ g carbs -- too full
I did this first back in 2008. Great great results. Got down to about 9% 29waist. I'm 5'9. My ability to do the carb load now is a lot different. I was 175+/- then i'm 207 now after carb loading. I'm 45 now. 12-14% bf, good ab definition. <just so you have a point of reference.

The most I can get in me for carb load is 1000-1050 grams. I'd like to try to hit 1300. There's no way I can. I simply feel like I'm about to pop through most of the load, like I swallowed a water melon (and I look it, until the morning, sometimes through the morning).

**So, can I spread the carb load onto Saturday? Maybe 600-700 grams total then? I feel almost distressed on Friday mid to end of the day.

I can write more background if anyone wants more details. And this question may have been answered in the past, sorry I'm a bad searcher on specifics.

Thanks for any advice.

alaloum 05-18-2018 11:55 PM

What do you eat on your carb up?

LanceUmansky 05-19-2018 09:53 AM

I do have Ulcerative colitis, (supposedly), and possibly crohns. But that's not supposed to cause my super fullness. But I try to work with whatever nutrition program I'm on. I can bulk up only for two weeks until I cant handle it anylonger.

With that as some background. I eat pretty much same as I did for carb up, I guess was 8 years ago, not 10. Cereal + 1% milk (corn flakes, sometimes chocolate cheerios << YUM). spagthetti + marinara sauce. Bagles + some light butter. Low fat wafflles + no sugar syrup. French bread, pretzles. Publiz sub with very little cheese. That was yesterday. There seems to be no trigger that gets me full. I can get super full just drinking a cup of coffee sometimes.

So unless someone thinks of something my Dr's cant figure out on what is making me full. And no, it doesnt seem to be gluten or milk. I need to work with how I get full so easy.

*So can I bleed the carb up onto saturday? :) I've tried not to and to cram it all in Friday. But I cant really go out anywhere Friday afternoon/eve because I feel literraly pregnant. And I'd like to get in more carbs overall given my weight right now.

Thanks :-D

squat 05-19-2018 08:20 PM

Sugar! If you can't eat, may as well drink some glucose. Not all at once.

Also, milk and gluten are generally filling for everyone, I think. They are difficult to digest. Doesn't mean it's an intolerance, but in situations like this, perhaps these things can contribute to the fullness issue you're having.

LightCrow 05-19-2018 08:21 PM

Maybe you can try front loading more carbs the night of day 4 after the tension workout with dextrose in a couple of shakes.

LanceUmansky 05-20-2018 10:19 PM

Milk doesnt seem anymore filling for me than water. I just have a reaction is seems overall to things going into my digestive system. Part of it maybe that things do not pass through as fast as they are going in. Then with the inflammation rxn seems worse as I eat more, filling up more, and inlfaming more in my gut. It seems that actual food (dense in carbs like bagles,e tc) works better than mixing glucose in water. The water is just causing more filling.

Gluten seems to have no more effect on me than anything else. I'm sure it has an effect on everyone, but honestly, I cant stand going gluten free. I tried it for a short time, saw no benefit. But I'm already messed up as it is there.

The fulness is there, wont go away. I'm playing with Pancreatin, it seems to help sometimes, but not always << it's digestive enzymes. Probiotics do notthing, even the $$$ ones. So It's a matter of working with what i have which is super fullness (bloating). At least it's pretty impossible for me to get really overweight and overfat, I simply cant eat the food required to get like that :-D

I try to cram in as much as i can thursday night. It ends up maxing at 300 grams. Still that's 900+ ideally the next day. On top of that I have to have Konsyl natural fiber for everything to get out smoothly afterwards. I hate even thinking about it.

To get a visual of how I get. I will sometimes throw up in my sleep (i'm basically spilling) Thursday night, sometimes Friday. Hasnt happened in a few weeks, b/c I havent been literally forcing the food down as much (b/c I was throwing up lol).

*Also if anyone has tried pancreatin and/or organic vinegar to get digestion to go quicker that has symptoms similar to mine?

squat 05-20-2018 10:38 PM

So, what do you think your problem might be?

LanceUmansky 05-21-2018 06:22 AM

I said before.. crohn's - colitis , ... But my orig question is can i bleed the carb up into saturday? I did this weekend, and seemed to have worked. So might have answered it at least based on observation. And this might need to be more complex carbs on saturday(?)

InsertCleverNameHere 05-21-2018 06:39 AM

I can't answer your question, but this sounds terrible. Is it really worth it? Why not try a diet that doesn't require this? Even if you are getting ready for a show, I would think that there would be diets that don't require these kinds of refeeds.

Best of luck, man. Report back if you find something that works for you. I'm sure there will be people in the future who would like to know.

squat 05-21-2018 07:07 AM

I really don't see how that could be a significant issue. Slightly shorter transition back to the dieting phase, maybe. I think you already know what you're gonna do. I don't know why you think the carbs would need to be complex, but I would consume them before the power workout.

Honestly, I haven't read the book for years, but aren't there variations of the diet that support this kind of thing?

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