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Heavy_Lifter85 04-20-2017 01:28 PM

Hamstring Tear Rehab Q
Hello Everyone,

My question involves what, if any, training I can do while waiting for a hamstring to heal up. I'll flush that out after the background info:

32 year old, male. Lifting properly for nearly ten years. Had previously torn right hamstring doing KB swings about 3 years ago. Did rehab and worked back up to previous PR's. Seemingly complete recovery.

Mid-March forced to take a new job with 50 hours per week manual labor. Phone counted 24,000 steps or so each day, about 15 miles. No time or energy to train. With the walking and training, legs lost size and strength very fast.

Eight days ago, after very hard 10 hour shift in hot warehouse, had cramp in hamstring overnight. Woke up to swelling, pain, etc. It was obvious it cramped so hard it tore. Injury was graded II, an incomplete tear. Surgery not recommended. Finally bruised over 2 days ago; my leg is purple.

Currently, I have pain doing anything except for lying down or reclining. I was initially trying to walk a little outside each day to keep things loose and not go crazy, but overdid it one day and spent the next in bed. After two days of moving as little as possible, it's on the mend again. I am following all the recommendations from Lyle's articles regarding diet while injured.

I have rehab exercises and guidelines from the previous injury (stretch, then heel slides, then prone leg curl with bodyweight only, then standing lift heel to butt, etc), but am unsure how much walking I should be doing. Should I wait until walking is pain free before I move around too much?

What can I do regarding upper body in the meantime? Seated work on machines? Should this wait until I can walk pain free as well?

Thanks for your help everyone!

lylemcdonald 04-20-2017 07:33 PM

Upper body.

BEATMEOUTTAME 04-24-2017 07:26 PM

Yeah dude you need rest, ibuprofen, and ice. You'll need several weeks before you even think about a lot of walking or any lifting.

Just keep your proteinand carbs high, fat low, and lift upper body to minimize muscle loss.

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