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springbody 01-18-2010 04:29 AM

A category III lady's log
W1D1 (Week 1 Day 1)

Midday meal:
  • Protein powder (17g protein)
  • Tuna (16g protein)
  • Juice of half a lemon*
  • Vegetables (2-4g protein)
  • Multivitamin tab (tablet)
  • Omega 3 tab

Mid afternoon snack:
Protein powder (8.7g protein)

Evening meal:
  • Protein powder (17g protein)
  • Tuna (14g protein)
  • Vegetables (2-4g protein)
  • Whole boiled egg* (6g protein)
  • Juice of half a lemon*
  • Multivitamin tab (tablet)
  • Omega 3 tab

As above

NB Will be adding a multimineral tab
*Whole lemons and whole eggs are not in keeping with RFL guidelines. However, I needed to bump my protein with the egg and I have lots of lemons that I want to get through.

springbody 01-18-2010 02:56 PM


In October 2009, I was within the Class 2 Obese range with a BMI of approx. 37.5. I made the decision to get my BMI down to 24.9 (which is within the normal range) in order to avoid developing illnesses associated with excess weight.

I felt I would be more successful if I settled on a casual rather than an overly regimented approach to weight loss and gave myself all the time in the world (1 year) in which to achieve this. Without these proviso, I knew I ran the risk of the whole thing taking over my life or worse still, the prospect of beating myself up everytime I failed to hit an interim target.

Since October, I have been happily drifting between various weight loss plans, some of which I had stored in my mind over the years and some of which are newly popularised. Most of these strategies involve calorie reduction.


Oct 09: 211 lbs, BMI c37.5
Jan 10: 189 lbs, BMI c33.5

Lost 22lbs in 11 weeks with no effort
Current BMI 33.5 = within Class 1 Obese range

My travels so far have cemented two life changing habits:
  • Firstly, I set aside 2 days a week during which I can indulge. Intially, I would overeat on these days and cancel out any progress but after a couple of setbacks, I developed better control. The 2 days occasionally creep up to three, four or even five days a week but rather than beat myself too much about it, I just write it off and get back on track.
  • Secondly, after flirting briefly with fasting, I eventually settled on Intermittent Fasting. My fast period is 8pm to 12 noon the following day. During this time I drink water and occasionally green tea. I then have two main meals: The first meal anytime between the hours of 12noon and 2pm and the second between the hours of 6pm and 8pm. I have a snack at 4pm. At 8pm, I'm back to fasting again until 12noon the following day and the cycle continues.


Weight loss
Short term: BMI 29.9 (within Overweight range)
Long term: BMI 24.9 (within Normal range)

Within the Overweight range, I will be able to exercise to intensities that thrill me rather than intensities that bore me to tears.


This science-based weightloss plan is attractive to me mainly because it spares muscle. I also like that it addresses essential nutrition, downplays exercise (except toning) and provides general food guidelines from which I can create my own menus. That it promises rapid weight loss (fat loss really) is a bonus.

I will use RFL to reach my short term goal of BMI 29.9. I intend to do it for 6 weeks and upon evaluation extend this to 10 weeks.

The first 2 days will include whole eggs, the first 2 weeks juice from whole lemons. Although this diet deserves strict adherance, I have to allow for my own flexibility which paradoxically improves my adherance.

TooManyFrenchFries 01-18-2010 03:45 PM

Whole eggs may not be allowed, but you can go to town on egg whites. 90% of my mornings for the past 4 weeks on RFL have included an egg white omelette made from 8 egg whites. That's ~130 calories and 29 g of protein.

Also, just keep in mind Lyle's warning about protein shakes. They are metabolized so quickly that you'll soon be hungry. I'm curious though; what protein powder only offers 17 g of protein in a serving?

Keep up the good work. It gets way easier. After a week you'll be on a roll. I'm 4 weeks in and am prepared to do this for another 8 weeks. I'm a Cat 3 as well and close to breaking out of that dreaded "obese" BMI category (BMI=31).

thepower 01-18-2010 05:17 PM

Then your doing a Pre RFL for 2-3 days correct?
Fat & carbs kept to 20grams or below daily is RFL. What your plan is is kinda a Pre RFL just to see if you can hack it?

springbody 01-18-2010 05:30 PM


Great to hear from an up and running Cat3 RFL dieter who also has the same BMI goals as me! I just read your log, keep at it.

This vanilla-flavoured whey from Holland&Barrett has 72.5g protein/100g powder and I use a 24g scoop - I would never buy this foul stuff again. Luckily, I only have about a week and a half's worth left.

I'm notorious for buying everything I need for a weight loss plan and never quite getting round to starting it. Easing into it the way I have and without making special purchases doesn't count as RFL, but it counts in the large scheme of things.

I plan to introduce liquid egg whites and a better protein powder (82g/100g) in W3 if I complete a fortnight on RFL. Meanwhile, I have things like chicken, turkey mince and cheese worked into my mealplans for W1 and W2.

You're right about the protein powder and feelings of hunger but I have been able to tolerate these ever since I adapted intermittent fasting.

TooManyFrenchFries 01-18-2010 05:59 PM

I've been easing into this diet for the better part of 5 years. In 2004 I dropped 10 lbs by quitting my inexcusably high fast food intake and trying an Atkin's diet (which I gave up after a week). In 2005 I gave up pop and dropped another 5 lbs. In 2006 I started watching my portions and dropped the better part of 30 lbs. In summer 2008 I started lifting weights and got leaner but gained 10 lbs. Finally at the end of 2009 I'd had enough of the half-assed approaches and decided to do RFL. You can ask Element (friend in real life who I train with)... I really eased into the diet through 2009 too. But it wasn't until I committed to RFL that I really made progress.

I think if you are like me and others around here, that if you can get through the first two weeks, you'll be able to get through as many more weeks as you want. I'm not even saying this in a bid to convince myself, but I've honestly lost the regular cravings for bad food. The food I'm eating on RFL actually tastes good to me now and after a free meal, I actually crave the good stuff because my body feels much better after eating it than the free meal.

I don't feel like I'm fasting. In fact, I'm eating food that's pretty damn tasty (chicken and cooked bok choy is a favourite of mine) and that leaves me feeling very satisfied now. The past several days it's taken me a good 15 minutes to eat my morning omelette because I'm so full half way through. I remember when I first started and I scarfed it down only to have my stomach growl for more :)

My advice, clear out this food that you have in your fridge/cupboard and then jump in head first for a week. When you notice amazing progress, you'll realize it was the right choice.

springbody 01-18-2010 06:41 PM


Originally Posted by thepower (Post 76204)
Then your doing a Pre RFL for 2-3 days correct?
Fat & carbs kept to 20grams or below daily is RFL. What your plan is is kinda a Pre RFL just to see if you can hack it?

I'm either on RFL or I'm not. Calling it pre RFL complicates things for me, someone who does better with a relaxed approach to dieting :D (See my 'Background' post)

In my mind, I'm already on RFL. If the egg means that Day 1 & 2 won't count as RFL that's okay because they still count in the large scheme of things (BMI target).

The rest of my RFL meals do not contain whole eggs.

springbody 01-20-2010 06:51 AM

W1D1 & W1D2
Food as stated except no lemons
Exercise: Walked on D2

W1D3 Plan (same applies to W1D4)

Food by protein content (83g total)
34g Whey
30g Tuna can/jar
15g Quark
c4g Vegetables (broccoli, spinach, cauliflower)
1.2g active Omega 3
1181mg Potassium (66mg from multimineral, 185mg from whey, c930mg from vegetables)
785mg Calcium (500mg from multimineral, 135mg from whey, 150mg from quark)
371mg Magnesium (250mg from multimineral, 21mg from whey, c100mg from vegetables)

The food and supplements are spread over 2 meals and 1 snack. In addition, I drink a total of 2700ml of water and take a multimineral.

Soon to add:

Calcium tablets
Magnesium tablets
0.6g active Omega 3
Potassium salt (if I can find it locally)
Lakstee and Green tea
Virtually fat free cheese
More foods at some point

springbody 01-22-2010 04:52 PM

W1D3 & W1D4

Foods as outlined in post #8. Exercise: nil
Itís been going okay with only one unusual event. A couple of times over these two days, my body has felt like a furnace. This could be the result of either being wrapped up too warm or the liberal use of spices like cayenne, ginger and parsley. The sensation was transient (Iíd say maybe 15 minutes) and didnít stop me from doing anything.


Today turned into a cheat day (rather than a one free meal day) the moment I washed down my first mealís chicken with homemade lemonade. I then had a large packet of nuts for a snack and onion rings, more chicken, starchy vegetables and sweet mango juice for the second meal.

Cals- 2002
Prot- 118
Fats- 104
Carb- 143

Almost half the calories and fat grams came from the snack! That large packet of nuts was the last item added to my shopping basket and I must have been too tired to even remember to read the label.

Iím super full right now and donít see myself eating more than vegetables and a couple of shakes tomorrow.

springbody 02-01-2010 04:40 PM

Two weeks so far (one of them official)..

Halfway through, I was interrupted by some not so good news and this led to poor eating and weight gain. Eating poorly didn't really add to or remove from the particular situation so I thought I might as well get back on track.

All things considered, I found my rate of weight loss over these weeks to be much slower that I would expect. The amount of vegetables I was eating seems to be the most likely cause so I've adjusted these and will see how it goes.

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