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JDPbrah 05-04-2017 09:38 PM

From 25%-8%, A Journey of RFL, UD2.0 and Beyond (UD2.0 Mass Gain)
So this is a bit different than a regular log, I'm essentially towards the tail end

Determinism 05-05-2017 12:19 AM

Why would you use UD 2.0 for mass gain?

JDPbrah 05-06-2017 07:07 PM

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I had a huge summary written of my 4 weeks of RFL, 2 week diet break, Then 4 weeks of ud2.0, then 2 week diet break, then 6 weeks of ud2.0 that I was going to post with, lessons learned, tips, tricks, observations. Then my browser crashes and I lost it all before I could submit it. I'm sorry I just don't have the will at the moment to write it all again. I will though within a week or so.

Ill throw in the 9 week before after comparison to give you an idea of what this potent combo did for me.
The Blue line is bodyfat% the orange line is body weight.


Originally Posted by Determinism (Post 302137)
Why would you use UD 2.0 for mass gain?

As for your question good sir, I don't believe I need to quote the book, suffice to say that Lyle wrote that the UD2.0 can be used for mass gains.

I've read enough logs, and posts to see that this variant is probably best for those who easily gain fat while trying to bulk, and as such, likely is best reserved for those how want to "lean/slow bulk".
So, it's not as expedient as GBR but it can be used for lean mass gains with minimal fat gain.
I'm using it not necessarily because I have a carb spillover problem, but because I've been dieting long enough, I'm eager to push more poundage, get some, albeit small growth, and remain relatively as lean as possible for a cross country move this summer where I will be on hiatus for 3 weeks visiting family and friends along the way.

Sorry a little verbose, but if you have any good info as to why I should reconsider doing UD2.0 "mass variant" in my situation I would appreciate hearing it. I'm not one to want to spin my wheels, I don't want to be terribly inefficient if the situation doesn't call for it

w1cked 05-06-2017 07:53 PM

You could eat a tiny deficit mostly on workout days (+250 cals 3-4x/wk) and accomplish the same thing with 1/5th the hassle.

Neilnacarter 05-07-2017 05:58 PM

9 weeks for the transformation in the photos?

Thats impressive. Well done.

JDPbrah 05-07-2017 10:17 PM


Originally Posted by Neilnacarter (Post 302194)
9 weeks for the transformation in the photos?

Thats impressive. Well done.

Thanks! I know I can hardly believe it Feb 24th was the before and Apr 30th was the "after" I started Jan 8th.
I usually lose a ton of weight both good and bad and end up really small at 180-185 or so, now I'm still 204 and closing in to where I usually stop dieting. So it's been more of a recomp I guess as I've gained lean mass. 170-175 and now according to the scale and calipers I have around 180-185. That graph kind of shows it a bit. I made another one that shows my lean mass going up and body fat going down. Ud2.0 has been good to me that's why it's hard to let go of.

stallion009 05-08-2017 08:22 AM

Your results are inspiring. The masochist in me wants to try UD2.

JDPbrah 05-08-2017 09:48 PM


Originally Posted by stallion009 (Post 302217)
Your results are inspiring. The masochist in me wants to try UD2.

Thanks, i should note though that I have been lifting for a cumulative 3-4 years and i just came off a 3-4 month layoff holiday season. It took some RFL, then 2 cycles of ud2.0. i tend to be thicker in the ab area and gain a lot of visceral fat, so that combined with gains from having trained for a couple years led to a really expedient and efficient cut, but i consider myself maybe an advanced beginner stages, nothing out of the ordinary in terms of experience and gains.

UD2.0 works and it works very, very well, but yes its brutal. The nice thing is that if you follow it exactly your pretty much guaranteed the best results.
If I were to do anything different I would have been more patient about starting ud2.0, I was on the fence about starting it and my calipers said 16% (in retrospect I was way more than that, which is obvious now that I'm where I'm at). I would have done RFL at least one more cycle of 6-8 weeks, maybe 2 more cycles of RFL. Then pulled out UD2.0 around 10-12% to finish off the cut, I do like the cycle though it stays interesting.

JDPbrah 05-26-2017 12:22 AM

Went and got a DEXA scan today. 10.1% bf at 200lbs and 6'0" latest self caliper test says 7.3%ish. I know the calipers are wrong I just use them to track weekly changes. My pics are still pretty accurate though I'm slightly leaner looking now, most likely from lost water when my hormones stabalized over this past two week diet break. Getting a 7-site skin cold test from personal trainer in the next few days just to see and compare results and learn a bit more. Starting back up another 2-4 week cycle of ud2 to bring me to 8.0%: my goal; deadline is July 3rd.
Going to post pics with microfit caliper results.. hopefully tomorrow.

BigPecsPeter 05-26-2017 04:45 AM

I asked you in the other thread but please tell me your lifts. This is useful information for me

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