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Default F/Cat2 - RFL log 2 (2017)

Having done RFL back in 2015 I am looking forward to doing another round of it. I managed to maintain the weight loss until last august when I had surgery and was out of action for quite some time - in terms of exercise.

Once I was allowed to I did some running, lots of walking but only started really working out (lifting weights) again 4 weeks ago. Also, due to some of the medication I am on I have been quite hormonal and been riding the waves with the help of alcohol and the killer combo of carbs and fat! Which brings me to my current state: bloated and even my underwear feel tight

Soooo, here I am logging again so I can feel accountable!

I have started the diet on Monday but wasn't sure I'd be logging it and if I am honest I was a bit anxious about the commitment to it so haven't weighted myself yet. I will step on the scales tomorrow morning and update my stats with goals and plans...

The plan so far is to do a short run like 3-4 weeks and take a week break.
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