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Day 7
Had a weekend filled with social gatherings so was unable to refeed and instead I had a free meal that included a glass or two of prosecco and dessert.

Not as planned but not off the rails so I am satisfied overall.

I am averaging 100gr of protein and that hasn't been a problem... the problem comes when I sneak some bites of a quest bar, some tomatoes with my chicken or a bit of peanut butter with my greek yogurt = carbs and fat are end up on the high side rather than close to zero. Will try to be more strict this week.

day 1 - Work out + free meal.
day 2 - diet 100%
day 3 - diet ok, maybe a bit high on fat, need to keep an eye on it
day 4 - weighted myself finally: 78.8kg.
day 5 - free meal instead of refeed
day 6 - diet 100%
day 7 - 78.2kg (scale flashed 77.8 but seemed to settle at 78.2)

Basically because I don't know my initial weight for sure can't say what the loss was exactly but I assume it was ~1kg. Which is right per previous experience with this diet. I never had a bigger whoosh like some have initially with the water loss. Onto the next 7 days towards 77kg!!!
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