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Originally Posted by Pr1c3rA View Post
Actually, this is a forum thread with a question about Lyle's product "The Ketogenic Diet..." (Notice the forum string BodyRecomposition Support Forums > My products > The Ketogenic Diet > Question about fats). To take it a step further... Absolutely! I have no problem spelling it out for you so you don't fail to read between the lines again:

In regards for Ketogenic dieting, as outlined in Lyle's book, 'The Ketogenic Diet...', when one is selecting the approximately 65% of the calories they will consume in the form of dietary fat, are there any concrete suggestions for how much of each of those three types of fats one should be consuming?

I'm a fan of the "throw stuff at the wall, and see what sticks" approach.

Make up a combination of fats at random. Ideally, stuff you like to eat.
Eat it for a while.
Go have lab tests, including a lipid panel, done.
If your lipid panel sucks, change stuff and repeat.

If you're the cautious type, go get a lipid panel, and get your T levels checked, first.
If you have low LDL cholesterol and low(-ish) T levels, bump up the saturated fat. (Cholesterol is the raw material from which testosterone is made.)

Most importantly, choose a combination that you can actually stand to eat. Keto diets get monotonous pretty quickly; compliance is generally a much bigger issue than any of the actual physiological stuff.
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