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Originally Posted by elpaisita View Post
I'm a fan of the "throw stuff at the wall, and see what sticks" approach.

Make up a combination of fats at random. Ideally, stuff you like to eat.
Eat it for a while.
Go have lab tests, including a lipid panel, done.
If your lipid panel sucks, change stuff and repeat.

If you're the cautious type, go get a lipid panel, and get your T levels checked, first.
If you have low LDL cholesterol and low(-ish) T levels, bump up the saturated fat. (Cholesterol is the raw material from which testosterone is made.)

Most importantly, choose a combination that you can actually stand to eat. Keto diets get monotonous pretty quickly; compliance is generally a much bigger issue than any of the actual physiological stuff.
The problem is that the weight loss that occurs on the diet overwhelms ANY impact of dietary fat composition.
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