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I'm on day 2 of RFL...Asian food is excellent for a free meal. I like to indulge in some sushi, egg rolls, and General Tsos chicken. I personally like my free meal to follow a few rules so I don't get out of hand:

1.) Has to be somewhat protein based such as the chicken I mentioned above. More protein is always better. Like a buffalo chicken sandwich

2.) Sometimes I save the free meal for a day I know an occasion is going to pop-up. For instance, this Sunday we're visiting some of my aunts/uncles so I know there is going to be food so I'm saving my free meal for that day so I won't be a PITA with my diet. Usually free meal days come Sat/Sunday by default

3.) I have to have 3 days in a row of success on RFL before I take a free meal in.
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