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But is there a baby in the bathwater?

Looks like at the moment they are not giving any routines out, just playing with the idea of training in a way that favours lean gains (if it can be done).

"long strength" is not new. the warrior diet guy wrote about it, Pavel's kettlebell stuff seems a good manifestation of it.

EDT by Staley seems to fit.

And I think Lyle and his speed skating is on the spectrum.

And there's some skating in this one

Although it may be pretty obvious nowadays, such ideas of sled draging, barbell complexes, sandbag carrying etc were unknown to many of us in the old pre internet days.

I think they are just looking at an optimal way to juggle various training modes and diet to avoid the lean but weak and the strong but fat dilemmas.

But the stuff on fibre type does sound very suspect, that I can see.

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