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Originally Posted by PhysiologyIsPhun View Post
From my understanding of leptin, the small refeeds will NOT boost metabolism. It seems that a minimum of one week of >=150g of carbohydrate consumption is needed to increase leptin, and up to a full 14 days to normalize it completely. And even at this point, leptin will still be slightly downregulated unless you gain all the fat back you lost. Leptin plays a large role in metabolism, so replace everytime I used "leptin" with "metabolism", and you have your answer.
Noi no no, your screen name is hysterical because you don't understand squat about physiology

Leptin will go up within 5 hours of high calories/carbs

The issue is whether or not the brain will get enough of a signal to reverse anything

That takes 1-2 days of maintenance calories depending on a host of factors.

A full diet break is different
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