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Originally Posted by niloluiz View Post
As for the pharmacokinetics, in the absence of proof or at least solid evidence, the hypotheses presented by Conciliator is a very good explanation for those reported claims. Keep in mind that people's perception of the effects of DNP vary greatly and those claims are made in BB forums where people take the same dosage of both versions of DNP and then try to draw conclusions. I didn't saw a single post of anyone doing a proper comparison of let's say 200mg powder vs 267mg crystal (which would be a true apples to apples comparison)

So this more or less simulate the fate of the sodium DNP in the stomach. Considering that DNP itself is "uber-pervasive", going thru everything all the way to the cells mitochondrias any possible difference would have minimal impact if any. Like I said there's no facts of solid evidence suggesting any difference, just bro-reports scattered over the internet alluding to that. Once in the body, both versions behave the same, the only real difference being actual mg of DNP ingested.
The placebo effect is godawful, I agree. The issue wasn't so much that the down happened sooner as that people claimed that the "high" was higher. In any event I never thought it was necessarily a big deal. I'm curious as to why the phenolates would be so underdosed, or rather what they would be cutting them with.

Do you have any links or opinions on the cataract issues? I've heard stuff about GALT [galactose] deficiencies, gender specificity (though not necessarily complete), pyruvate and all kinds of antioxidant stuff (mostly C/E supplementation).
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