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Originally Posted by Primalkid View Post
Re-read my OP. Niacin does indeed inhibit fat mobilization BUT this is only in the first 1.5-2 hours after pharmacological dosage intake. This is because it enhances glucose oxidation, and is why I take it with my LAST carbohydrate heavy meal of the day. It will help nutrient partitioning of said meal.

After this time, the body "rebounds" if you will and floods the blood with fatty acids, which inherently puts the body in "fat-burning" mode. Thus you don't want carbohydrates during this time because that will lead to diabetic issues, and again, this is why niacin is taken with the last carb-heavy meal. For most this may be dinner and then you go into sleep with a nice fat-burning boost. Indeed on my recovery days this is the case. On my training days, since I train in the mornings, my last carb-heavy meal is lunch and dinner is PRO/FAT, which won't interfere with niacin's MOA.
Do you think taking yohimbine as well would enhance the effect? Would this be dangerous to do? (Let's assume the healthy, lean individual)
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