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Originally Posted by stoomc View Post
OK good to know.
My father in law has started lifiting and he is 50+.
I wonder if there is an age that muscle couldn't be built at all... But thought that may be a silly this to think. I could understand it being slower, but not at all?
I turn fifty this year. I started lifting back in Feb of 2009 (age 43) and have managed to go from:

Squats: 115 to 425 lbs.
Bench: 105 to 285 lbs.
Deadlifts: 135 to 445 lbs.
OHP: 75 to 215 lbs.

I'm still adding muscle and strength, but won't deny that it's a challenge as my P ratio is pitiful - I have to be careful with eating too much to chase the gains.

Recovery is slow, and I'm constantly having to take breaks to allow this or that to heal up. Advil is my friend.

Keeping things simple is key for me. I stick to those four movements, and only those. I don't have time for more, and adding a bunch of little accessory movements tends to end in injury.

Listening to your body is super important - he has to keep in mind that he can't simply pick a program off the shelf like Starting Strength and expect to run it like a college kid. (He might for a bit, but once the newbie gains start to wear off he'll realize this quickly).
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