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Originally Posted by zLeeKo View Post
Probably. During intense exercise, the body needs oxygen so it pumps more blood to supply it, hence higher pulse.

60 bpm is a normal heart rate. 38-44 is kinda low, but it's possibly an indication of your fitness levels. Training actually lowers resting heart rate, which is known as Athletic heart syndrome.

Take some melatonin before sleep.

At 60 bpm I feel it’s high for me, I’m definitively not an expert in heart rate and thing like that but I believe it’s endurance work who tend to lower heart rate?
Despite the fact I never do cardio (the last time I did cardio it was for physical education at school 1 years and half ago), I just do weight trainning
I've always had low heart rate (like my father)

For the sleep, last time I did UD 2.0 I did full depletion in only one workout on monday and I could not sleep at night, but the rest of the week I slept wonderfully
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