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Unread 03-06-2018, 03:53 PM
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This average of 5km is for this season, with cold it’s unpleasant to be outside
In summer whith sun and hot temperatures I will obviously walking more

I relaxed (playing at video games)
I went at a supermarket where I don’t go usualy and I found the orange monster ultra (there are only the white and red monster ultra where I go usualy)
I went to walk while drinking it:
9 calories into 500ml, the nutrition fact:
It was pleasant thanks to the coming spring, 10 degres outside

I ate 1200 calories today, 50 carbs, 29 fat and 185 protein
It was a good day but I’I need to read the rules post.m glad I did full depletion yesterday, I feel like I can’t do physical activity

I’ve bought melatonin as advised me zLeeko, I took half a pills of 1mg
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