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Oh certified nutritionists... They're a mixed bag. This one seems to be of the fruity "natural health" variety, and they have their own magical brand of what they consider healthy (dairy = evil, food combining, preoccupation with candida and agave/honey...). She does make some points (alternative meat products are processed as hell, if something is jammed full of sugar it's probably not great despite its other qualities, and so on), but she keeps yammering on about things being "difficult to digest." What's THAT all about? I see that point for milk products (lots of people are lactose intolerant), but what does that even MEAN? Like if I don't crap it out in an hour it's stuck in my intestines causing cancer or something?

I have to laugh, because my mom says that sort of thing constantly: "I'm not digesting my food!" Yeah, lady, if that were true you'd be losing weight at break-neck speeds rather than getting fatter. Then she spends a bunch of money on "enzymes."

I just don't get why honey and agave are so much healthier than sugar. Maybe they're "easier to digest." Or maybe the crystals of the sugar will scratch up your digestive system! They're very pointy, you know...

I find her attack on [plain!] popcorn downright bizarre. Like, really? Of all the junk people are eating, you want to steer them away from plain popcorn? Priority check on aile 3...
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