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I recently read this list of 12 "bad" health foods:

Which demonizes milk and fiber. I think she's crazy regarding milk (specifically on the topic of casein and the argument that it was once used to make glue so therefore it's bad for you), and thus probably not worth listening to regarding the other bullet points, but still I worry about her statement that fiber binds to stuff like calcium and zinc and transports it out of your body, eventually causing osteoporosis (but then, she claims milk also could be a factor leading to osteoporosis). I regularly eat oatmeal with wheat bran, so it sort of struck home.
Edit. I looked up fiber, specifically wheat bran, and its effects on nutrients on and the concensus seem to be that eating fiber is pretty good for you. Several studies found that it reduces the risk of colon cancer (one study even suggested a significant positive correlation with a high intake of fiber and calcium - Drinking lots of water is imperative, but that's a given anyway.
I guess the above list of "bad" health foods could be deconstructed point for point, since a lot of it seem to be based on nutritional myths and hearsay.

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