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Yeah, there's something about UD2 that works and/or that we think works.

I've had my best dieting results with UD2. Hands down. There's something about the depletion and low carb setup that flat out works. Even if you screw up on the margins it still works.

Add to this, what you see in the mirror. I've never looked as lean (prior to carb up) or as lean AND big (post carb up). This may just be a post carb up mind game trick that UD2 plays on us. Come day 7 in a cycle, when water retention is probably at it's highest, I start feeling fat again.

I've tried other approaches, but they just don't seem to work. I more or less start any diet week now with some kind of depletion work out and low carb situation. If anything, I wring the water out of my body and it makes me FEEL like I'm getting leaner.

If it weren't for water retention we'd all be happier and probably diet much less.

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