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It's not too much if you're legitimately in cat 1. Give it a go, start on the lower end of the recommendations if you're worried it's too much. Lyle wouldn't recommend them if they didn't have any benefit. Listen to what he says.

IIRC any fat you eat when you're overeating to that extent is going to get stored as fat straight away. It's best to keep fats as low as possible, besides trace fats from carbs that don't taste like cardboard.

The difference between the refeed and the free meal is the refeed generally won't make you regain any fat, will refill your muscle glycogen stores enough to get 1-2 good workouts in, and also allow you to regain some sanity.

You can do the huge free meal route, but be aware that you're going to have to subtract those extra ~2000 calories from your weekly total or you're just going to end up stunting your progress. Been there, done that. The deficit you have to make the rest of the week sucks, would not recommend.

That's not a problem with the refeed - just don't treat it like a diet day, forget the calorie intake. Think of it as a 6 day diet and one day of refuelling.
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