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Default Constipation during PSMF

Dear Lyle,

after reading your „Guide to Flexible Dieting“ I decided to start a PSMF myself for a total duration of 4 weeks. My stats are 31yr old male, 5ft10, 195 lbs, 18% bf. I am now 3 days into the PSMF and have noticed severe constipation (haven’t been to toilet once in those 3 days). I know that in general I have a sensitive digestion and can be prone to constipation if I don’t watch my diet. For now I have taken a few measures, even though they might not be 100% “clean” under the PSMF regime:
- Drink glass of water with two spoons apple cider vinegar every morning and every evening
- Add some seeds (e.g. flaxseeds, sesame seeds) into the veggie portion of my meals
- Add some beet root into the veggie portion of my meals
- Ensure plenty of fiber intake during the refeed (due today): oats, seeds, grapefruit

I would be interested to hear what you think of those measures and what you would advise to do?

thanks and best regards from Switzerland,
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