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Originally Posted by Determinism View Post
I believe the number of 40-70 reps per muscle group 2x a week has been mentioned as well.
It's a useful data point and probably the best we have right now, but even that was based on mostly on untrained or just prior endurance training. From Wernbom review:

1.4 Classification of Training Status

In the majority of the studies, the subjects were reported as either untrained/sedentary or as physically active. Physically active subjects generally performed some form of endurance training, but not any systematic strength training. Since many studies reported varying levels of activity among the participants and because endurance training induces little if any muscle hypertrophy, the categories 'untrained' and 'physically active' were combined for analyses. Deschenes and Kraemer made the following classification of training status with reference to resistance training: untrained, moderately trained, trained, advanced, and elite. They suggested that the window of adaptation for strength becomes progressively smaller as the subject progresses. However, because of the lack of studies involving athletes of different training status, data from studies with trained, advanced, and elite athletes are discussed together in the present review.
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