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Default Accountability log

Right, so I've decided to start a log. Reason being, if I have to report my workouts, it will give me a bit of accountability and some incentive not to slack off. I've been very inconsistant the last year, mostly due to medical issues, depression and just lack of motivation in general.


Started training when I was 18, I was 90kg at 5'7" with no muscle mass (Most Italian foods are high in fat + carbohydrates: pasta, salami, cheese, lots of oil added to just about every dish).

Got down to about 75kg with a basic beginner machine routine (As given by a fitness instructor). Wanted to bulk up a bit more, wasted a year doing a low volume hit a bodypart once a week routine. Fat bulked up to 88kg with minimal muscle gains.

Got tired of being fat so dieted down by doing weights 3 times per week and 2-3 HIIT sessions per week. At my leanest I was 72kg with 10% bodyfat, the first time I had abs in my life.

In August 2009 I came down with Transverse Myelitis

I had a virus for a week, and just as I had recovered from it, I became paralysed from the waist down in the space of 3 hours. Couldn't stand, urinate/pass stool or feel anything in my legs (except intense burning, man that was a fun day). I was in hospital for a week where they treated me with immunoglobulin (similar to a blood transfusion) to calm my immune system down. Was also catheterised Went to rehab for 1.5 months, had to relearn how to walk again.

Got back home, endurance in my legs was really poor (Couldn't walk further than 1km or so until I had to rest). The worst symptom though was the fatigue, it just crushed me all day, everyday. My bodyweight got down to 62kg. My days consisted of sitting on the Playstation for 10+ hours. Came down with depression last year (Unable to sleep even after 2-3 days of no sleep, anxiety, no appetite etc). Got medicated, and decided to make a massive change to get out of this hole.

The first steps I took were:
- Traded in ALL my PS3 games (100+ games)
- Started training again. I have a power rack, barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells, benches and chin/dip station at home.
-Training was difficult and very demotivating. I struggled to deadlift 60kg, bench 30kg, overhead press just the bar (20kg) and squat 50kg.

Fast forward to this year. My bodyweight is back up to 85kg (Bodyfat is around 15-16%, a bit high for my liking). My lifts have improved a little bit:

January 2013 1RM's (estimated)
Squat - 80kg
Bench - 70kg
Deadlift - 100kg
OH Press - 40kg

October 2013 1RM's
Squat - 120kg
Bench - 90kg
Deadlift - 150kg
OH Press - 60kg

I probably could have made more progress if I was consistent. I would go hard for 2 weeks, lose motivation/depression would start to come back and I wouldn't train for 2-3 weeks. Since I got sick, my recovery isn't what it used to be. I'm probably about 80% of what I used to be, some days less. I guess I will just have to settle for slower progress than everyone else. Unfortunately once you have had a nervous system disorder, you never get back to normal.
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