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Just my take from someone in healthcare. I'd be curious to see what Lyle thinks. Seems like there are a lot of variables that factor into heart disease, just not sure if it is right to keep tightening these factors so less and less are healthy. Little bit of a conspiracy but it sure seems like it is driving people to the drug industry. And don't worry, they will. Healthcare is becoming more and more controlling. My gripe with blood pressure is it varies immensely depending on eating, caffeine, genetics and a ton of other variables.

Sometimes when I get tested im stage 2...sometimes im normal or under, so it is worrisome. Is there going to be enough testing to make sure a person actually needs these drugs versus bad readings?

Diet and exercise are obviously the best way to combat this but I worry we live in more and more of an overmedicated country where people use drugs as a crutch, rather than resolve the root of the medical issue.
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