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Originally Posted by bonsai View Post
well im just afraid if i dont track macros, i wont eat enough. i had a past of anorexia, and i dont always have a big appetite. i like following meal plans and junk like that, makes me feel like im doing something right i guess. i never eat school lunches, because that junk is nasty and unhealthy, so i pack a lunch. also if i dont track macros, i will never know if im getting enough fats, which are good for hormone production. know what i mean? and its a little hard to blk without getting some fat! haha
You don't need to 'bulk'. What you need to do at 15 is to learn how to lift properly and actually enjoy what you are doing. You don't need to overemphasize the nutritional aspect of bodybuilding. It basically comes down to eating sufficient amount of calories and protein to sustain growth. A little bit of fat gain is ok, but you don't need to 'bulk' nor do you need to count every single calorie you are eating.

I doubt you will listen tho. Information overload, overcomplication and overanalyzing is at an all-time high in bodybuilding.
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