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I would like to give texas method a try like following :
Monday (volume day)
Squat 5x5@90% of 5RM
Bench press (or OHP) 5x5@90% of 5RM
Sumo deadlift 1x5 @ max
Assistance :
Curl 2x12-15
Skullcrushers 2x12-15
Facepulls 2x12-15

Wednesday (recovery day)
Squat 2x5@80% of monday's weight
OHP 3x5@95% of last monday's weight (or Bench 3x5@90% of last monday)
chinups 3xAMRAP
hyperextension 3-5x10

Friday (intensity day)
Squat 1x5@new RM
BP or OHP 1x5@new RM
Chest sup rowing 3x6-8@max
Assistance :
Weighted dips 2x8-12

How would this routine work in term of muscle "shrinking" during a cut compared to the GBR will it change a lot ?
What kind of assistance could I add ? Or would you change anything in the routine ?

Many thanks for your help
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