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Originally Posted by CorpDesertique View Post
when I weighed 66kg I was trying to gain muscle, I had to count the calories otherwise my weight would go down, so 66kg was probably higher than my bodyfat setpoint

I do not find I am "extremely lean", In fact I store lot of fat in my legs, the pic is cheated also
A more realistic pic and view of my legs:

I would like to add that I had no problem to dieting, It was easy, even days at 800 calories + weightlifting

Yes I'm plan to eat at maintenance for 1 months and see
No injuries, and psychologically I'm feeling very good, even better than before I lose weight, I am relaxed all the time (more than before) and I'm not frustrated anymore because I do not have a girlfriend since now I do not particularly want
That's *not* that fat. You're in the single digits of bodyfat easily, which is very lean. Have you ever had an eating disorder? 800 calories is borderline anorexia levels of dieting. You say it's never been strong, so I would get checked out by a doctor because it doesn't sound dieting related to me at this point.
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