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Day 2
148 lbs (-0.5)

218 g. protein (target=247g)
21 g. carb, inc. veggies
32 g. fat, inc. 10 g. fish oil

20 min brisk walk + 30 min light cardio
oh, and I commute on foot (12 min each way)

Still a bit short on protein, but better. It seemed like I was gorging on the stuff all day. Even so, I had to chug a 2-scoops shake in the evening in order to break 200. By the time I went to bed, I felt more stuffed than I have in a long, long time, as in I-just-ate-Thanksgiving-dinner-with-all-the-trimmings stuffed. I'll search the forums to see if others have felt this.

Today (Day 3) will be a bit of a challenge. I have a work meeting over lunch in a local Indian restaurant. A buffet-style Indian restaurant. (The person who chose the venue is a bit, um, large.) Maybe I'll be lucky and there will be some tandoori chicken skewers that aren't floating in ghee. If not, I'll have to think of some excuse for not eating and just eat in my office later. I don't particularly want to get into a discussion of protein-sparing modified fasts, delightful though I'm sure it would be.

//b. strong
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