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Day 3
147.5 lbs (-1.0)

206 g. protein (target = 247)
26 g. carbs, inc. veggies
30 g. fat, inc fish oil
all vitamin supps, now including psyllium husks.

10 min brisk (ok, freezing cold) walk + 10 min general body warmup on elliptical
lower body workout (squats, RDL, leg press, leg curls, calf raises, abs, all at low volume but high intensity, i.e., "keeping the weight on the bar")
20 min light cardio

As you can see from the macros, the Day 3 lunch meeting was fine. There were no RFL-friendly options, so I just drank water. A bit awkward, at times, but not a big deal.

Speaking of water, my mouth has been super dry the last day or so. Makes it easier to get the 1-2 liters of water in.

I'm still short on protein, though. I've been eating an egg white omelet in the morning and a chicken breast at lunch (both with veggies), which is more food than I'm used to eating. But, that leaves too many protein grams to get in at dinner and dessert. Last night for dinner I had 2 chicken breasts (both carefully weighed -- 5.5 ounces each), and for dessert I had cottage cheese and a 2-scoop shake. As in Day 2, I felt stuffed to the point of being uncomfortable.

A quick tip for those of you in the northeast US: Friendship brand 1% cottage cheese has better macros than the Wegman's store brand: 16 g. vs. 12 g. protein for 1/2 c. serving. I prefer the taste of the latter, but it's all cottage cheese.

I've added psyllium husks to my supplement regime. 'Nuff said.

//b. strong
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