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Default Questions regarding low skill level movements that maximize an 'aesthetic' physique

Hi all,

I'm a long-term lifter and I've got reasonably strong for an average gym random in the compound lifts (1RM squat was 2xbodyweight a couple months ago)

Anyway, I'm somewhat losing the will to live trying to get acceptable form in the squat and deadlift in particular. I mean it can sometimes be 'meh' but other times I'm losing a lot of power via my chest caving, I need to read the rules post.I need to read the rules post.I need to read the rules post.I need to read the rules post.ty knee positioning, slightly losing balance forward etc. I know all these could be fixed with enough effort (which I have definitely expended) but I've genuinely lost the will to care about them any more. I've an ingrained motor pattern in these lifts via teaching myself how to do them of almost ten years. so they are very resistant to change, or STAYING changed. With that in mind:

How could I stop doing these high skill lifts (squat and deadlift) up while still getting the benefits these lifts give you? What would I need to add to the obvious subsitutes?

I HAVE really tried to improve my form. I've paid for coaching, spent months working on technique with decent knowledgeable powerlifting coaches online, watched all the youtubes, highlighted and reread or watced Starting Strength books and videos but to no avail.

I've seen some coaches sort movements into different functions such as:
Hip hinge
Squat-like movement

Is it just a point of taking out the deadlift out of the hip hinge and replacing it with a hip thrust but aren't you still missing a lot out? How could I account for all that missing stuff or do I even have to?

Would a physique that was built via these low-skill substitutes (eg. hip thrust and leg press) look comparatively different to one that had barbell deadlift and squats?

Similarly is the squat a straight swap to a leg press? I've read Lyle's article on squats vs leg press so I presume it's kinda fine but am I missing much out in the transfer.

I just really want the limiting factor with the amount of weight I can move in the gym generally be my effort rather than getting screwed by the skill component of the lifts (I'm looking at you here squat). Thanks all.
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