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Well for leg size probably leg press in similar to squats as per Lyle's article (he said it may even be better if you're not built to squat and allows you to dodge the lower back fatigue that can limit squat performance).

But squats don't only hit the legs though lots of muscle work during a squat, abs keep you stable.

My question is are all these other muscles it hits important from a physique standpoint? Would the squat be approximately copied by having some legs press and some lunges and hamstring curls for example or would that still be a poor clone? Would I need to add in lots of other stuff to make up the 'loss' from not squatting with some ab work, back extensions, etc.

I suppose I've phrased the question wrong? I should ask what is the best routine from a bodybuilding perspective that doesn't use high skill movements?

Yeah, I'm just particularly sick of deadlifting and squatting recently and trying to find a way to justify to myself getting rid of them lol. :-)

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