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Average Week 2: 78.43kg/172.91lbs [Maintenance Week 5]
Average Week 3: 79.31kg/174.85lbs [Maintenance Week 6]
Average Week 4: 79.23kg/174.67lbs [Maintenance Week 7]
Average Week 5: 79.95kg/176.26lbs [Maintenance Week 8 + Mild Deficit]
Average Week 6: 79.72kg/175.75lbs [Mild Deficit]
Average Week 7: Vacation
Average Week 8: 81.52kg/179.72lbs
Average Week 9: 80.99kg/178.55lbs
Average Week 10: 80.63kg/177.76lbs
Average Week 11: 80.30kg/177.03lbs
Average Week 12: 79.58kg/175.44lbs
Average Week 13: 80.09kg/176.57lbs
Average Week 14: 79.48kg/175.22lbs

Well, comparing to week 12 it's a very small movement in weight. I felt like over the last two weeks my weight has been very stubborn due to sleep issues (hot weather). We had a few cool evenings and I had great sleep, which resulted in my weight dropping nearly 2lbs from the peak. But alas, that's what comes with taking an average for the week. This is a slow deficit, so I should just expect this.

Tomorrow, I'm refeeding, as it's been 2 weeks.

Mental: Good. I'm starting to have cravings again, so I know I'm definitely in a deficit.

Mobility and Flexibility: Limber 11 is going well. Focused Flexibility - I was planning on going every other day with it, but I started to feel better. Thursday I did take off for a break - though I did every other day. I'm hoping this combination of exercises will help a lot. My hamstrings are really getting a lot of work.

Gym: Great!

Movements/Yoga: Just like last week, I've been doing the headstand exercises, but I haven't been doing the actual movements or trying to do them. My back just isn't feeling 100% for such things.

Plan for the week: Same as this week. Follow my diet and keep weighing in. And refeed.
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